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Universalists are often asked where they stand. The only true answer to give to this question is that we do not stand at all, we move

Posted on: July 28, 2008

The best part of wordpress is being able to blog at work. And read them at work.

Anyway, I apologize for my absence of late, but I have been working some insane hours trying to get all my 9th graders scheduled for the year. I thought I had an enormous amount of freshmen this year – after all, I had over 100 failures! But so far I have 480 students. Not bad. I’ll update you on that number after Labor Day. We will enroll a dookie load of kids through Labor Day, and we’ll also have a bunch leave, so that number will fluctuate a lot up until then.

So what has happened lately? Jeremy has started going back to AA meetings, which I’m really happy about. If he keeps going back, I can be really happy in our marriage. When he quits going to meetings it’s only a matter of time before everything goes to hell. I made my mind up to go to Al-Anon meetings again, as soon as work settles down enough to allow for that. Jeremy may even get a sponsor and I really like the guy a lot.

Yesterday was church, and Jeremy got to listen to Connie Barlow discuss the reptilian brain etc. I loved her story for the children, as she talked about how we evolved from monkeys and, before that, reptiles. She even put on an iguana hand puppet and sang an incredibly stupid song about our “Lizard Legacy – stayin’ alive!!” which cracked everyone up. Tonight she and her husband, Reverend MIchael Dowd, are hosting a workshop on Evolutionary Psychology and Evolutionary Brain Science, specifically focusing on how our inherited proclivities affect our relationships and sometimes aid in addictive behaviors. So I may go to that. Anyone in the area is welcome – it’s free.

And speaking of church, we lit a candle for Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church members yesterday after one of our church members announced there had been a shooting that morning. It is incredibly sad – two people have died so far, and 6 others are injured, 4 critically. Our church has a short statement of sympathy on our website, linking to Reverend William Sinkford’s (UUA President’s) statement. The church had been active in gay rights and women’s rights since the 60’s and was just recognized as a welcoming congregation. My church is also a welcoming congregation, which is a church that has completed a program to enhance their welcome of all people. Welcoming congregations work to promote acceptance, inclusion, understanding, and equity for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and/or transgender persons of all colors, races, and ethnicities, both within the UUA and in society at large.

I have not read whether the gunman’s motive was fueled by homophobia or if he was specifically targeting UUs for any reason, but a friend called today and told me she heard on the news that he had written a letter filled with rants about liberals. As anyone knows, a UU church is a perfect place to target a bunch of liberals, and probably one of the few places in the deep south where you can find us liberals in mass. The only thing I have found confirming my friend’s statements was an article quoting the Knoxville police chief as saying they had discovered a letter in the gunman’s car in which he stated a “hatred of the liberal movement.”

Obviously my mother is concerned about me attending a UU church right now, especially one in Tennessee, as there could be copy-cats or what have you. I don’t care… not only do I think that’s unlikely, but I damn sure won’t have conservative nutjobs taking away one of my few liberal pleasures the dirty south allows me.

My title is a quote by L.B. Fisher. I leave you with another by Adlai Stevenson:

I think that one of our most important tasks is to convince others that there’s nothing to fear in difference; that difference, in fact, is one of the healthiest and most invigorating of human characteristics without which life would become meaningless. Here lies the power of the liberal way: not in making the whole world Unitarian Universalist, but in helping ourselves and others to see some of the possibilities inherent in viewpoints other than one’s own; in encouraging the free interchange of ideas; in welcoming fresh approaches to the problems of life; in urging the fullest, most vigorous use of critical self-examination.

I can only hope that one day religious conservatives can adopt a similar practice of acceptance and self-examination. Then maybe we can worry less about them killing us.

7 Responses to "Universalists are often asked where they stand. The only true answer to give to this question is that we do not stand at all, we move"

This shooting makes me very sad and angry, too. Christians are always complaining about being persecuted for their beliefs, and this one “Christian” does some persecuting (executing, rather) of his own. How terrible!

Isn’t it! I assume this man was a “Christian” (at least called himself one), but I have not yet heard whether that is so, or if he was just another intolerant conservative. I know xtians are going to go crazy if anyone dares to call the man a Christian, but I figure that is likely what he considered himself to be.

Religion aside, however, the man is extremely conservative and apparently hates liberals. Funny how when liberals get angry we form groups, we march, sign petitions, picket, boycott, rant on blogs, etc…

You never hear of a liberal killing a bunch of random people. Never! I think that says something powerful about the Right.

I was not at all surprised to hear about the nut job’s letter he had written. It is a sad day when it does not at all shock me that some guy hated liberals enough to go in a church shooting full well expecting to be shot dead by the police when they arrived. Martyrdom anyone? That always gets the Christians motivated.

Did you hear what was on the gunman’s reading list? Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, and Sean Hannity.

I hope these men feel some remorse that their hate-filled diatribe led to the killing of innocent people, but I know they won’t. They’ll say this man was a sick individual and that they in no way ever endorsed or condoned the taking of human life. I just wish they could see how hateful their words often are (“Liberalism is a mental disorder” for instance) and how those books, filled with name calling, dehumanize liberals for their beliefs, which makes it much easier for something like this to happen.

Oh well, at least they know the kind of people who are buying their books.

I thought about how beneficial this may actually be if you are just looking for positives in the whole thing. Maybe this sends a strong message about how the right can get violent when things aren’t going their way. Hmm.. I don’t remember things like this happening in 2000 or 2004.

In my opinion a Christian person does not believe in violence they may be conservative in most ways and feel that gay persons are at risk of not entering the home of God as they understand him at the end. A true Christian leads by example showing compassion and love for anyone who needs them.
Religion has been used as a poor excuse for evil behaviour for way to long.
I would like more information about the Unitarian Universalist Religion or phylosophy wherever it falls. I will be doing some reasearch.
One comment I would make that might not make you happy raisen girl is that belief in in UU or devil owrship or what ever you wish does not give you a good reason to not use you educated liberal brain to keep you safe. That is why it was given to you by the creator.

I welcome your comments and embrace your point of view and our differences. I never said anything disparaging remarks about the Christian religion.

I tend to not believe in one “creator” per se, and if I did I’m sure it would not be the one you are referring to, but I do think I use my brain to keep me safe. I’m just not going to cower down and hide who I am and what I believe out of fear that some right-wing wacko is going to kill me. Or as your people would say, that’s “letting the terrorists win”, right?

I do hope you do some research into Unitarian Universalism so that you won’t refer to it as devil worship again. I take no offense because I know you meant none, but UUs do not believe in hell or the devil, so worshiping that entity would be as extremely far-fetched as you worshiping Glitter Shitter the Mighty Gay Pony.

Please don’t take me TOO seriously… I honestly am glad you are here and enjoy your comments.

Oh, and two sites to view: — this one is my church, you should read some of the sermons my minister has posted; he is a phenomenal speaker, and a wonderful person.

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