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Scared yet?

Posted on: July 29, 2008

Tomorrow night my church, Neshoba Unitarian Universalist, will hold a vigil for the victims of Sunday’s shooting and for the families.  I’ve talked to Reverend Bill about it and he says word about the vigil spread quickly; there’s obviously been a big response.

Despite my mother’s concerns, it really never occured to me to feel less safe about being so openly liberal.  Sure, I know the Obama and Pride stickers on my car open me up for vehicular harrassment and I know rednecks around here might even scratch my car up or leave ugly notes on it.  I just don’t care.

But even in Mississippi, I just don’t feel unsafe just because I’m a liberal.

Debra Haffner’s blog today made me think about that.  She wrote, in part: (Emphasis added)

As people of faith and advocates from a wide range of religious traditions, the challenge is to fight the temptation to feel a little less safe this week because of our commitments to social justice, to sexual justice. Surely, as Mr. McKendry and Ms. Kreager prepared for church that morning they did not know they would die that day because of their beliefs. I have had to pause in preparing this vigil and ask myself if I am prepared to do so as well. It is appropriate to remember that in the words of my senior minister, Reverend Frank Hall, this tragedy “reminds us to continue to work for peace and justice and…that there is a heroic quality in the living of our everyday lives.”

The first hymn in the Unitarian Universalist hymnal is “May Nothing Evil Cross This Door.” It ends, “though these sheltering walls are thin, may they be strong to keep hate out and hold love in.” May that love sustain us in the difficult days to come.

So, friends, do your beliefs make you feel less safe because of where you live?

1 Response to "Scared yet?"

I’m not at all scared. I’m with you…while I realize that living in the south has its ups and downs, I feel like Murfreesboro and the greater Nashville area are pretty open-minded for the most part. Now, working in H20 town is a different story. I’m much more careful about what I say and who I say it to. But never do I feel threatened for my life. I think it’s awesome that you guys are having a vigil…I’ll be excited to hear how it goes. UU sounds like a very interesting organization…I am so sorry to hear about what happened a mere 3 hours from where I live.

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