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Here’s the good news

Posted on: July 31, 2008

Well yesterday and today have sucked on many levels.  The National Guard decided to fake some sort of hostage situation in the building yesterday and I had to maneuver through police, military personnel, and the Red Cross to get to work.  Obviously I was late.  Then I had to listen to their “concussion bombs” and whatnot all morning, all the while fielding phone calls about what was going on and registering new students.

Today I had my rudest parent.  Compared to this time last year this lady was a pleasure to deal with, but it’s really not the best time of the month to be copping an attitude with me, if you catch my drift.  She was just a jackass and wound up asking for the number to the school board, which I was more than pleased to give her, but it generally pisses me off when people act all hoity toidy, like they’re going over your head to get you in trouble.  Go for it, call county, let them tell you the same damn thing I did, Miss Wait-Until-The-Very-Last-Minute-To-Enroll-Your-Children-In-School.

On a personal note, Jeremy’s debit card information was stolen so someone in Portugal was really racking up until we went overdraft and the party was over.  Now I have all those charges to dispute.

But okay, you didn’t click the link to my blog to listen to me bitch and moan, did you?  You probably wanted to hear the good news!  If you are a parent, this is valuable information that you likely did not know until now.  I didn’t.

For years, I have thought I had to vaccinate my children in order to enroll them in public school.  Both my kids are up-to-date and managed to receive their vaccines without any dire consequences, but I know people who were not so lucky.  I know the government has finally acknowledged the link between vaccines and autism, but they say that even with the skyrocketing rate of autism the benefits of the vaccines are worth the risk.

I say tell that to the mother whose sweet angelic little boy will no longer hug her or look her in the eye.  The mother who will never hear her daughter say, “I love you, Mommy.”  I’m sorry, but these things are priceless to me.  My eyes are brimming with tears now at the mere thought of my precious little boy never wrapping his arms around my neck again.

Nate lacks one more shot before he starts kindergarten.  And now, knowing what I know, he will never receive it, or any other vaccine.  Not for the measles, not for polio, not for the freaking flu.  What the government doesn’t tell you is that the flu vaccine will increase your chance for developing alzheimers later in life – by a lot.  That the polio vaccine, in its experimental phases in Kenya, likely started the HIV virus.  That vaccinating your child will not only increase their chances of being autistic, but can also cause paralysis, hepatitis, post-vaccinal encephalitis, blindness, kidney disease, or even death.

So you can trust the vaccines and take your chances, but you do have a choice!

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to vaccinate your child for public school.  Today a parent presented me, not with a shot record, but with a different form entirely.  The paper she handed me was an affidavit declaring her son expempt from vaccinations because they conflicted with her personal beliefs.

Apparently this is a FEDERAL law, and no state can refuse to accept this form in lieu of a shot record.  Senate Bill #942, Section 1, Chapter 7 states, in part, “Immunizations of a person shall not be required for admission to a school or other institution… If the guardian, parent, or adult who has assumed responsibility for his or her custody and care in the case of a minor, or the person seeking admission, files with the governing authority [i.e., get it notorized], a letter or affidavit stating that such vaccination is contrary to his/her beliefs…”

So you want a copy of the affidavit for your personal use?  CLICK HERE AND GO FOR IT!! And congratulations to your for making the decision to protect your child from the harmful side effects of vaccines.

5 Responses to "Here’s the good news"

Hey! I’ve seen this form before. I will comment more later. I am not against vaccines per say, I AM against giving them to children under 5 years of age when children’s brains are developing so quickly. See you tonight! 😉

I’m against vaccines period, regardless of age. I wouldn’t feel quite as strongly as I do about it if I felt I could trust the government AT ALL, but after creating HIV when experimenting with the polio vaccine on Kenyans, I just don’t trust them to be up front and honest about what they’re sticking into my children.

That, and WTF is up with the flu shot?? Why are they still denying its side effects even when study after study has linked it to Alzheimers?? Sounds exactly the same as the time (not so long ago at all) when they were trying like hell to deny that the MMR vaccines caused autism. Government officials shamed parents and tried to make them look foolish and paranoid for suggesting a link between the two, and now the government readily admits it!!

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you get the flu shot. According to stats I’ve seen in medical journals (I’ll attempt to look up a link later), getting the flu shot 8 times or more within 10 years increases your chances of contracting Alzheimer’s by 80%.

WHY does the government keep encouraging the flu shot? It doesn’t make sense that they are just making that much money off of it… I just don’t get it. But I care less about their rationale and more about remembering my kids’ names when I’m 60, ya know?

Anyway, we’ll discuss it at the salon this afternoon dahling.

And p.s. if you’ve seen this form before, why were we discussing how to forge a shot record the other day?? lol

This is really interesting. I never knew there was any link between vaccinations and autism or Alzheimer’s. Very good stuff to know. Things like autism scare the shit out of me and they’re one of the main reasons I’m petrified of having children, so it’s good to know that there is something I can do to reduce that chance if I do ever decide to (or accidentally) reproduce.

I do worry about the diseases, though. Is there a strong chance of children who aren’t vaccinated getting any of those diseases? Since your kids aren’t getting those vaccinations, do you use any alternative forms of disease prevention, like vitamins, antioxidants, hostilic medicine,things like that?

I don’t use any alternative forms of prevention for those specific diseases, other than the things I do every day to keep my kids healthy otherwise. Hand-washing is the biggest thing – that is the best way to prevent common illnesses and the flu. I also keep the kids on multivitamins and lots and lots of vegetables.

Perhaps some could finger-point at me because my kids aren’t in danger of those diseases because other people are vaccinating their children. Maybe I’m letting other people take the chance at autism to protect my own child. But I don’t force other people to vaccinate – there’s no telling how prevalent those diseases would – or would not – be if no one vaccinated. And several diseases – like measles – would be extremely treatable now anyway.

Like Rae said, if the threat of those diseases is truly that strong, why not vaccinate at a later age? After all, in the case of autism at least, it is the AGE of the child in combination with the vaccines that causes so many problems. If measles, mumps, and rubella were that dangerous and I had to get a vaccine for my kids, it wouldn’t be until later.

Also, the chicken pox vaccine they’re giving now?? Causes a disease far more painful and deadly than the chicken pox. So when worrying about diseases, I worry most about the mammoth mutant diseases these vaccines are causing (think: HIV).

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!

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