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Baby take off your coat…

Posted on: February 7, 2009

I went to Earnestine and Hazel’s last night.  It is without a doubt my favorite dive in Memphis.  I regret not taking Amanda when she was up there.  They have the BEST jukebox in the city, lots of blues, soul, motown, old school rock, of course Elvis and The Beatles.  I love their jukebox and they sell Red Stripe.  What more could you want??

So I go to the jukebox to add something to the queue.  It’s broken.  Well, it’ll play but you can’t see what you’re playing, you can’t shuffle through the music.  So I just start putting in numbers.

Very first one I put on, I put my “favorite” number, if I can be said to have a favorite, and that’s 22.  My friend in high school, Tron, he always said there was something special about the number 2 (it was his jersey number).  It’s also my birthday and growing up, two of my bffs were also born on the 22nd.  So I put in 22 for the cd number and then I have to pick a track.  I’ve always had this thing, ever since cds were available to middle class kids like me, about #7 on a cd.  I just noticed pretty quickly that I always liked track 7.  So I type in “2207“.  I put in a couple other random numbers and then the bartender, a cool older woman who loves to sing and dance, yells out to me, “Hey, I know that jukebox.  Whatcha wanna hear, I may know it.”

I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to hear.  “Etta James,” I said.  She nodded.  “Good choice, I know that cd.  What song you wanna hear?”  I knew the exact song I had in mind as well.  It’s sexy and it reminds me of Earnestine and Hazel’s and my favorite fantasy that is set there.  “You Can Leave Your Hat On,” I replied, hoping she’d know it but doubting her memory.  I shouldn’t have.  She rolled off the number right away.  “Twenty-two oh-seven.”  She said.

Well I’ll be damned.

You Can Leave Your Hat On by Etta James

Click the link to listen, if you like.


3 Responses to "Baby take off your coat…"

Don’t ya just love it when Goddess does little tricks like that? How neat!

Oh, and I just listened to that song and it’s AWESOME! (It’s totally going on my “list”, lol) Now I’m downloading the shit outta some Etta James. 😀

Man… I swear if my bridesmaiding in August doesn’t work out, I’m using that time off to come see you so you can show me E&H’s and Otherlands! Sounds cool.

I hope your bridesmaiding DOES work out because I know you want to go, BUT I would love to see you, whenever!!! HOPEFULLY BEFORE AUGUST DUDE!

In reference to Otherlands:
” If you think Starbuck’s¨ is good you might as well leave now before you get your feelings hurt, cause it is crap. This place does not offer you stock options from some jacked-up teenager who thinks Hanson is alternative music. This place offers coffee at the right temperature (you can burn coffee if you either roast it too long or scald it with water that is too hot) with a balanced acidity. Flavor country is the place to be and here you are smack dab in the heart of it. A hearty Ethiopian blend is my favorite beyond the working class espresso. Now, as the sign on the espresso machine (a fine Italian Carimali) states, “sarcasm is yet another service we offer free of charge”, so be wary of who is running the register and who might be manning the espresso machine. Just so long as you aren’t rude, you might be safe, but even so, try not to complain for it only causes problems. If your toast is a little overdone (Kerri certainly would do you that way) you may say something but do be kind and mention that you would prefer it to be a bit lighter.

In this shop you will see a wide variety of characters from the upper-crust of society to the dark underbelly of midtown’s seamier side.

Either way everyone is friendly just so long as no one breaks ahead in line. This establishment has the best coffee in america as well as tasty treats such as scones, bagels and toast with your choice of spreads. The spinach quiche here is fantastic as is all of the vegetarian (most of which are Vegan friendly as well) soups they offer seasonally.

You can peruse the gift shop chock full of stuffed snakes to punching nun dolls as well as beautiful candle holders and native batiks. the entire place is painted by local artists and features works of note from Joel Hilgenberg, Tim Andrews and James Eddie Campbell. See Lamar Sorrento’s work on the “Fab Four Table”, take in some samba music and have some of the best damn coffee this side of Central America and especially inclusive of Seattle. In this place the words “women’s liberation” are truly an understatement so no chauvinists are allowed. Freedom of speech and beliefs are the common trust so be prepared to hear something you might not agree with.

Come on in and relax in the self-proclaimed “oasis of midtown” and ask if there is any live music playing later on. The general hours are 7am ’til 8pm unless there is a music act playing with which they offer beer for sale.” – Memphis Mojo

And Earnestine and Hazel’s (Home of the Soul Burger):
“A truly great cheeseburger — a cheeseburger by which others find their measure — begins with the grill and ends in the bottom of a longneck. Such a cheeseburger isn’t possible on a new grill, the proper atmosphere for it’s presentation not possible in a new place. The grill must be seasoned by thousands upon thousands of patties gone before, by years upon years of eager anticipation from those that ordered. As you stand there at the long bar and watch the smoke, smell the sear and sizzle, you hear the clash of balls on felt behind you, the laughter rise and fall from crowded tables. Or not. Sometimes in this place it’s just you. The beer in your hand is always cold, and the place is always dark. The jukebox is magic and the dusty memorabilia here and there is mystical. When there is a crowd, it’s eclectic and electric, and the dancing spontaneous. Some say the rooms upstairs served as a whorehouse in the glory days of trains. Some say they play the blues up there better than anywhere on odd weekend nights and serve drinks you pour yourself when cops look the other way.

Read more in BlueSpeak Magazine, February, 1996: Earnestine & Hazel’s: A dim light in a dark part of town.” – Memphis Mojo

A trip to both of these places is a MUST.

i told you you had esp too.

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