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I think you’ll be hard pressed to find another city in which every single person knows the address of the jail.

I was going to blog and tell you all my exciting, wonderful news.  That was when I was pretty much feeling great.  Not that I feel bad now, or something has gone wrong, because it hasn’t.  I’m just exhausted so I can’t muster up the energy to feel as ecstatic as I did last night.

I have gotten about 6 or 7 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours.  I know, I know.  It’s just been crazy, you know that.

And it’s been pretty freaking Memphis, too.

What I mean by that statement is that I cannot BELIEVE I have survived this work week, doing the job I do, when it just seems everything is happening at one time.  I have left a lot of it out of the previous blogs for the sake of brevity.  Yes, I said brevity… I honestly could have written blogs 10 times that long.  You know how I told Misty I felt an impending sense of doom?  In addition to my own troubles that you are well aware of, these are other things that have happened in the past four days:

One of my students shot and killed another kid.  That’s how my week started.  It happened a few hours after my “doom” statement.  I haven’t talked about it yet because honestly, I’ve had to talk with a few students about the incident and it was hard enough to focus on all of it then, given everything else that’s going on with me lately.  I haven’t even read the article, but you are welcome to if you wish.

Wednesday I leave work and pull in to the gas station near my apartment to get the kids a snack for the road – I was going to ride around and check out some rental property.  The cops swarm the car wash that is part of the gas station.  I’m pumping gas, talking to the old man in the pickup beside me, asking what happened.  He grumbles about hearing gunshots and I said, in true country fashion, “Naaaw…”  Oh he got all worked up then about how Horn Lake/Southaven was just like Memphis now, and blah blah blah…

I knew something big had gone down, though, because there were weird ass cop cars flying up, like unmarked cars and cop trucks and shit I’d never seen.  Whoa, the SPD out to kick some arse.  I asked Jaden what she thought could be going on.  “Probably someone drinking or smoking,” she offered, bored stiff, “can I get my bug juice now?”  It was just a wee bit disturbing that my kids aren’t phased by cop cars anymore.  I guess that’s the city anywhere though.  At least she didn’t ask for jungle juice.  The incident wound up being a random shooting with no announced suspects or motive.  It was just a kid who came up to the carwash, shot at someone washing their car, and then took off back to his assumed home at (wait for it, Michael, wait for it…) the Civic Center Apartments!

Last night, right up the road yet again, a 32 year old woman was shot to death in front of her two young children.

I’ve had to see kids, I have to help them.  I’ve had serious shit that couldn’t be ignored or put off – besides the murders.  I have DHS up here now seeing a child that I called them about 22 minutes ago.  If you have ever had to deal with DHS you’ll know that is RECORD TIME.  They have 72 hours to respond to my call, and they usually take at least 48.  I won’t go into the details, but the response time should indicate the severity of it all.  And that parent I told you was so nasty and hateful to me when she came to enroll her child?  The only parent I have bitched about so far this year?  Kid came to me with extension cord marks on her legs and fingernail marks dug into her neck this week.  Lovely.  I don’t get the extension cord thing, I have seen more of that than I ever want to.

It has been hard!!  Marie, you know what I’m talking about!  Sometimes it’s so difficult to even hear the words coming out of their mouths, let alone feel that you’ve helped.

Just one more whine: when I left the gas station Tuesday and rode into Memphis, I wanted to go up on Vance Street.  I don’t normally go there (though I did note the Thai restaurant on Poplar everyone tells me to try, and I will definitely do that!), but it’s become second nature to take 240 to Lamar to Central to get to midtown – takes me maybe 15 minutes tops from my parking spot at the apartment, so sometimes I’ll drive up just for coffee and to be alone.  Anyway, since I’m going to Vance I decide to take Cleveland, the road right before my usual Central turn.  And I did.  And I got pulled over immediately.  Because as you Memfus folk reading this know, you can’t turn left onto Cleveland from Lamar.

The cop is white, which sucks because of my Obama sticker.  I gave him my insurance card and he informs me that it expired 6 days before.  I know I’ve paid my insurance so I ask him if he can call the number, which he got very snotty about.  While he wrote me a ticket I called my insurance and got my new cards emailed to me – the agent was a little miffed that he wouldn’t take a verbal from her when the cards were out less than a week before.  Not to mention my two little kids in the backseat.  He cut me no breaks, and because I have the insurance ticket, that is a MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE.

So guess who has to spend a fucking day in October at 201 Poplar?  That’s right, moi.  Slick fucked up if you ask me.

My good news I have to share??  I will post a blog with details later when I’m in a better mood, but suffice to say that Jeremy and I talked everything out last night when he came home and – finally – blew a .00 (the day before it was .29 when he came home).  Yes, we are still getting a divorce, but we are doing it together, with love and mutual respect.  We want to be friends and parents together, we want to be there for one another.  But we know we can’t be married or live together.  It was a beautiful and special thing to be able to sit down with him and really talk – it made me realize just how long it has been since I’ve seen him completely sober.

I’m going to look at that place Saturday!

And Jeremy is considering all of his options – including military service.  I am very very pleased with how things are going right now, so let’s all hope he doesn’t get drunk and fuck it up.

(P.S.  Just before I get any response to this, let me please ask you to refrain from saying “Memphrica” to me right now.  I really really hate that shit.)