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This year I will:

  • write a short story about zombies.
  • make every book under my roof a Finished Book – read all the ones I never finished.
  • throw away something I like.  Kill my darlings.
  • write the opening sentence of my first novel.
  • show my appreciation to those who have earned it.
  • send a letter to a mass murderer in prison.
  • write more bad poetry.
  • research law schools even though I know I’ll never go through with it.
  • choose what I would want to eat for my last meal and make it.
  • keep a better record of my dreams and try to induce more.
  • write a letter to a dictator to stop torture.
  • go 24 hours without speaking.
  • write a letter to God.
  • experience nature more, sans blackberry, mp3 player, or even book.
  • defy superstition.
  • take my facial features’ measurements and use the formula in “Homosapiens Facial Attractiveness and Sexual Selection: The Role of Symmetry and Averageness” to discover how symmetrical I am.
  • shout out my own name during sex.
  • go a week without turning the tv on.
  • break at least 5 of the Ten Commandments in one day.
  • go through with Thing-a-Day, even if I don’t post online, and not drop out!

This is kind of a bucket list for ’09, so to speak.  I’ll cross ’em off as I go.  I’ll periodically update you… so what are some of your resolutions?