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You all should be on goodreads ya know. I mean, if you read. And if you don’t, why not? I always feel better about life when I’m reading more. When I was in grad school I read so freaking much it that, for the first time in my life, reading was not really something I did for fun. Don’t get me wrong, I liked a great deal of my assigned readings. Freshman year I even tore through textbooks and devoured anything my Deviant Behavior professor could throw at me, and I was absorbed by Anne Moody’s Coming of Age. But the fact that I was fenced in by someone else’s “to-read” list and had no time for my own created a stifling feeling in me that kept me from fully enjoying anything.

I went through a bunch of school papers today. I found so many notes in margins, scrawled to friends beside me. Doodles upon doodles, some of the professor in front of me. A letter to Michael when we lived apart, that of course I never mailed. But I was actually very relieved to not be in school for a little while. I feel I’ll go back, but not right now, that’s for sure.

Right now I’m enjoying really delving into my own to-read list. Life has been hectic recently, but I’ve been squeezing in reading time here and there. Jeremy’s been reading with me (Neil Gaiman’s Coraline). I have a stack of books I have been picking at but I’m mostly reading Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father. Sometimes I have to just stop and reflect. I’m so moved by Senator Obama. I’m not taken with him because of the trendiness of it all, the Barackafied slang, and not even because I’m so fed the fuck up with this administration and its supporters.

I’m moved by him as a person. I’m inspired by him and I genuinely like the man and respect him. Reading Dreams has caused that inspiration to flourish into what I can only describe as complete awe. I’m not only fascinated by him, I’m captivated. I don’t think McCain stands a dog’s chance against him. I have moved from a cautious optimism to an all-out certainty. Call it overconfidence if you choose, but I just do not believe there are enough Americans that are dumb enough and inspired enough to put Granpappy McCain and his heiress mistress in the White House. Not when they have a choice.

I’m not the only person who feels this way. Poking around the net I found this blog:

He inspires me in a way I can’t really truly explain in this short profile text… But, know this:

I’m not American, and he’s made me literally ‘‘loved’’ this foreign country;

I’m not a news addict, and he, he alone, has made me addicted to the Situation Room on CNN, with this Blitzer guy (lol);

I’m not a U.S citizen, don’t even live on the continent, just another black 22 y.o European guy, with his head as high in the sky as humanly possible, and yet, he’s managed to bring me even higher ! – Stephen Kebess, Belgium

So anyway, enough gushing. I’m going to continue reading. I honestly only stopped to google pictures of him throughout his life, just to get a visual of some of the people and places I’ve been reading about. This is not the sort of book one rushes, ya know?

Get on goodreads and tell me what else I should be reading – here’s my profile, and I’d welcome any friend requests!