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Crazy crazy work week.  I can’t wait until the audit is over.  We have over 2000 student records at this high school (it’s way different than Louisville High, eh?) and out of the 1000 records at the middle school, the auditor only pulled 18.  I hope it’s less than 20 here!  That would be a huge relief!

I have been spending a massive amount of time at work lately so I desperately need down time.  Yesterday I wrote a long frivilous email to a friend and watched a movie (Martian Child with John Cusack.  What I saw before I passed out from exhaustion was pretty good.).  Today, I took time out to eat raisins, drink a Dr. Pepper, and read some poetry by Alice Walker.  I love her.  So I ran across a few I thought I’d share and maybe they’ll mean something to you too:

Love is Not Concerned

love is not concerned
with whom you pray
or where you slept
the night you ran away
from home
love is concerned
that the beating of your heart
should kill no one.


When I no longer have your heart
I will not request your body
your presence
or even your polite conversation.
I will go away to a far country
separated from you by the sea
– on which I cannot walk –
and refrain from sending
describing my pain.

And there ya go.  Happy Tuesday to all of you.  We just received word that the auditor will be here for certain at 8 am.  That means I will be working late.  It’ll be over this week, what I’ve dreaded all year long!  I can’t wait for the relief.

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